After spending the summer running around as a slutty blonde while banging one of the Jonas Brothers. Sophie Turner has returned to her more well known red hair for the new season of “Game of Thrones”, and the fully naked photo shoot in the pics above and below.

Sophie Turner is a true redhead through and through, for like all ginger women she is a soulless shaitan sent to earth to spread depravity through her fiery overactive pink sex organs.

Unfortunately in the barbaric West instead of having their heads bashed against a rock at birth, redheads like Sophie are allowed to mature into these monstrously lecherous creatures. Once fully grown the only way to defeat these Satanic scarlet sluts is to tie them to the stake, douse them in pure Saudi Arabian crude, and then set them ablaze.

Sadly the only burning consuming Sophie right now is from the gonorrhea in her infected fire crotch… But Allah willing that will change soon enough.

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