WWE wrestling diva Nikki Bella was recently dumped by her longtime fiance John Cena, as part of his transition into coming out as the flaming homofag he clearly has always been. So like all recently spurned and lonely sluts, Nikki Bella is desperately seeking some rebound dick by posing nude in the photo above and flaunting her tits and ass in the compilation video below.

Of course after being with a scrawny little manlet like John Cena, Nikki could never handle getting it from us unimaginably virile and powerful Muslim men. For our manhoods are larger than John’s arms… And unlike the tiny shriveled up steroid testicles Nikki is use to, our mighty ball satchels unleash a flow of baby batter greater than the Nile River.

Yes Nikki will never know the intense pleasure of being pounded by a Muslim meat scud, but all hope is not lost… For if Nikki agrees to put her impressively toned body to good use by pulling the plow in our poppy fields, we might consider allowing her to tongue bath our taints on a hot summer’s day.

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