Kim Kardashian Has Even More Nude Selfies Leaked [22 Photos]

As you can see below, even more nude selfies of Kim Kardashian (which were no doubt taken from her recently stolen cell phone) have been leaked online.

No doubt this is still just a tiny percentage of the degenerate filth that Kim Kardashian had stored on her cell phone. Clearly when Kim was robbed at gun point in her Paris hotel room it was all of us pious Muslim men who were the true victims, as we have now been made to repeatedly suffer the sight of Kim’s monstrous nude body.

Hopefully the end of these leaks are near, as the culprits will certainly try to sell off Kim’s diamond rings soon and the deal will probably run afoul ending in a gun battle when the buyer inspects the diamonds and notices that they stink like anal lube and fried chicken grease… For they have almost certainly been up Kanye West’s gaping homoqueer anus hole while Kim was finger banging him (a favorite pastime of Kanye’s according to his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose).

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