Geneviev Morton Nude Photo Shoot For Treats Magazine

Model Geneiveve Morton poses fully nude in the black and white photo shoot below from the new issue of Treats magazine.

The only thing worse than blasphemous female nudity is it trying to be passed off as “art” in the degenerate West. For what red-blooded man can look upon these photos and honestly say that there is anything even remotely aesthetically pleasing about Genevieve Morton’s naked flesh?

From her immodestly large and sickeningly symmetrical bulbous breasts to her sinfully silky smooth pussy slit, there is no denying that a nude Genevieve Morton is an utterly revolting and crass sight to behold. Of course the barbaric infidels think that because these photos are in black and white that somehow makes them classy, but us civilized and extremely sophisticated Muslims know better as we can recognize the peddling of low grade smut when we see it.

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