Aj Michalka Nude Photos Leaked [9 Photos]

Actress and singer AJ Michalka shows off her nude body in the recently remastered and brightened leaked photos below.

AJ Michalka is the younger sister of Aly Michalka (who’s leaked nude photos we looked at yesterday), but even though she is the riper Michalka her nude body lacks the overall concubine worthiness of her older sister Aly.

With that said all hope is not lost for AJ as she still has some admirable traits and talents that will serve her well in the coming world Islamic Caliphate. For instance her plump round rump is not without merit, and a less discerning Muslim may permit her to be used as an anal only whore in his harem. Failing that AJ could always continue to ride her sister Aly’s coattails by marketing themselves as a team, for there is certainly a niche for those of us interested in alternating between AJ’s ass and Aly’s mouth… And vice versa.

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